Sparking Ideas of English Debate, We Learned along the Way

At the vibrant beginning of November, the ETC(English Teaching Club) from SCIE was invited to a lively and enthusiastic teaching session in Yitian Elementary School. The activity is endorsed and supported by the special commissioners from the Shenzhen Local Education Bureau. Two of the commissioners presented the teaching sessions as observers and had provided constructive suggestions as to how the program can be refined.

The two ‘main’ teachers are students from A1, Tom and Winnie. The topic of the teaching session is surround the unprecedented situation of this year— Covid-19. It was carried out in the form of debate, specifically on the topic of—- ‘ face to face in-school learning is more effective than digital learning at the period of Covid-19.’ Across the constructive speeches to the final conclusions, judges and teachers were all amazed by the level of completion, evidence-based arguments and new perspectives on the particular issue that the students in Yitian Elementary school displayed.

Also, in midst of discussions, student teachers from SCIE has promoted the discussion within and in between Allied groups, taught them new vocabularies and expressions to better the flow of debate.

This event ended in applauses and was highly praised by the two experts.

Starting from 2018, ETC has been continuously teaching on every Wednesday in Yitian Elementary school in the form of group discussion led by teachers, lecturing and group debate. There were unmeasurable amount of harvests and life lessons learnt throughout the course of two years.

Sadly due to the interruption of Covid, ETC paused its program for a semester. However, this academic year was a fresh start as new blood had joined in, teaching methods got more enriched based on the accumulated past experience. The primary objective remained unchanged—‘ learn to teach, teach to learn’ , the kids from Yitian progresses and so did the members of ETC.

The lesson ended in a blast, we successfully finished the class with high approval from the official. Teachers had a fruitful experience in teaching while the students learned through heated debate. The experience of this lesson reinforced the mission of ETC— While teaching elementary graders, we grow together and encourage all different voices to be heard.