Apurva Sarkar

Teacher of Physics & EPQ

This year, I embarked on a life-changing journey from India to Shenzhen as a Physics Teacher at Shenzhen College of International Education (SCIE). My experience at SCIE, and life in Shenzhen more broadly, has been nothing short of transformative. 

Curtis Zimpfer

University Counsellor

In my experience of working in China for over a decade, there aren’t many schools that make you feel the way SCIE does. After being here for four years I can confidently say that I feel professionally fulfilled, and proud to be an SCIE educator.

Gym provision at SCIE

Gym Committee.

At SCIE the SLT has a strong duty of care to its staff. We see this in many areas of school life and in particular the provision of health and fitness facilities. To this end, the school has provided a very good, well-equipped gym which can cater for most interests and abilities.

What Teachers Say

SCIE is one of the few schools where you can really balance work and life; personal time is a huge benefit that allows you to get personal tasks done during daytime. Also, staff members are very proactive in organizing events and group activities, which allows you to share interests in common and gives you the feeling of being part of a family. These two combined, help balance work while allowing you to have a life after class so that you can enjoy all the other activities that SCIE and Shenzhen have to offer.
Carla Costa
joined SCIE in Aug 2022
At SCIE, I enjoy communicating with students that are both passionate about their academic focus and also keen to learn about the world in general. Their knowledge often surprises me and I feel my own understanding of various phenomena benefits from being in such an environment. Certainly a great place to develop, the impressive campus and flexible working hours make the process that much more comfortable.
Ben Riley
joined SCIE in Aug 2021