We Have A Pocket of Stars | SCIE Red Cross Donation Overview

As the epidemic of the Coronavirus-Disease-2019(COVID-19) is breaking out in China, we published an article “We Are With Wuhan x SCIE Red Cross | Donation” on January 25th, 2020 to do our part in fighting the virus and to call for an action. 

We opened our donation channel since then and now we are proud to say we have finished the donation to Wuhan. We also cooperated with SID Red Cross to help the organisations in need. Here we want to say thank you to those gave us your trust and support.

We have raised in total 12080.44 RMB as the result of people’s kind donations. The detail of the use of the money is as follows: 1200 surgical masks for Shenzhen Baoan Hospital, 1150 protective masks for Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security, 10 boxes of instant nuts and 20 boxes of Orion chocolate pie forShenzhen Union Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and1114.54 RMB for Shenzhen Red Cross. More details can be found in the table below.

If one says that this is a war against the coronavirus, then the hospitals are the battlefields of this war. Everyday the doctors, nurses and other medical attendants fight with the virus risking their own lives. We hope that they can leave a spare second for theirselves in this terrible war and enjoy the snacks we provided to gain extra energies.

    We hope the snacks can help them momentarily run away from their hardworking and relax for a while in order to keep on fighting in the future. We also wish that the masks we provided can be their armors and protect them from the bullets and arrows of the virus, and may the fierce warriors come back home safe and sound.

1. Donation of 1200 surgical masks to Shenzhen Baoan Hospital (5760 RMB, with the delivery fee covered by the president of SCIE Red Cross)

2. Donation of 10 boxes of instant nuts (1030 RMB, 30 packs per box) and 20 boxes of Orion chocolate pie (575.90 RMB, 30 packs per box)

From Shenzhen Baoan Hospital after receiving our donation

From Shenzhen Union Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology after receiving our donation

During this time of the corona virus outbreak, Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security did a fantastic job of detecting the temperature of the crew and passengers in key areas such as national highways and highway toll stations, and organized law enforcement personnel to set up traffic law enforcement epidemic prevention propaganda vehicles and repeatedly broadcast the epidemic prevention content at major traffic nodes. 

They used their flesh to build a wall that all citizens can stay safe behind. They are the silent guardians of the city who may experience higher risk of infections. We give out the face masks with hope to protect our protector safe from the virus. 

In cooperation with SID Red Cross, we have donated 1150 masks (4600 RMB) in total to Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security. SCIE Red Cross contributed 900 masks (3600 RMB) and SID Red Cross contributed 250 masks (1000 RMB). SID Red Cross has contributed to contact the supply of the masks and covered the delivery fee. They are also in charge of the communication with Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security.

We wish to give special thanks to SID Red Cross, we can never achieve such success without them. We are looking forward to future cooperation.

From Traffic Police Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security after receiving our donation

Shenzhen Red Cross has begun to raise fund from the society after the COVID-19 outbreak since January 27th, 2020. They keep updating every sum of money received and spent to make sure their financial status is completely transparent to the public. After internal discussions, we decided to donate our remaining money to Shenzhen Red Cross in hope that the money will take everyone’s kindness and fly away to help more people in need.

Directional donation to Shenzhen Red Cross 1114.54 RMB.


From Shenzhen Red Cross after receiving our donation

It has been more than three months since the outbreak of the corona virus, it has also been a long while since we started to raise funds. To many of us it was a spark in the desert that has lighted up our soul. It has been an honor to participate in this. I felt more connected with the society, that our hearts are beating in the same beat. I am honored to contribute my power in fighting against the corona virus.

“So relieved and yet so attached”. I am so relieved because I did not fail everybody’s hard work; so attached because I was so touched for I experienced warmth of hearts and the sense of commitment. I want to do more, to contribute more, to share some more.

Here I want to say thank you to every student member, every teacher and everyone else who helped with us, SCIE Red Cross.

In the end, I want to finish this with my appreciation to all the doctors, nurses and other medical attendants. You are angels in white coat, you are the protectors of our lives. At the moment of the epidemic of the corona virus, we should be more united than ever and there will be nothing in our way!

When the epidemic is over,

I know I wouldn’t bother.

I then shall see thee

Under a sakura tree.