2019 MyFitCollege International Awards

2019 MyFitCollege International Awards go to five recipients (teams) from four schools.

MyFitCollege International Awards aim to promote and advertise good practices in international education, and therefore improve the overall standard of international education in China.

The awards focus on three aspects: school management, university application and teaching quality.

• Principal’s Award goes to principals who show extra excellence in school management and student education.

• University Counseling Award goes to university counsellors who show extra excellence in students’ university plans and admission results.

• Teacher’s Award goes to teachers who show extra excellence in curriculum design and teaching quality.

The election is through a recommendation system. By 15th Oct 2019, MyFitCollege invited some school leaders, oversea university representatives and media representatives to recommend candidates and give the reasons. This year’s judge panel consists of MyFitCollege representatives and special judges, who are all experts in international education and university professors. The MyFitCollege International Awards will become a long-term practice, so to ensure the neutrality and fairness, we will not publicize the names of the panel members.

After the procedures of recommendation, panel review, background check and final decision, MyFitCollege has selected five individuals/teams from four schools as the final winners. Some of them are dedicated to making Chinese education international, some have obtained great achievement in introducing foreign students to Chinese culture, and some have been made brilliant success in university counseling.

The awardees are as follows:

Neil Mobsby
Principal's Award

Neil Mobsby, Principal of Shenzhen College of International Education

Mr Mobsby has more than 25 years of educational work experience. He has worked in many international schools in Middle East, Africa and China, with extensive experience in management and teaching. He joined SCIE in 2009 as a Mathematics teacher, and has been the principal since August 2018, before which he had worked as the Academic Deputy Principal.

Reason for winning the award:

The core competence of SCIE is their curriculum development. During the 10 years of his time in SCIE, Mr Mobsby focuses on teaching, and has comprehensively taken part in the design of curriculum system. Up to now, the CAIE results of SCIE has ranked as No.1 in China for 11 years in a row.

University and Careers Office
University Counseling Award

University and Careers Office, Shenzhen College of International Education.

After many years’ practice, SCIE has realized that to cultivate students for world top universities is not their ultimate goal. The more important thing is to help students to find and to be able to apply for suitable universities and graduate smoothly. In this process, SCIE is equipped with a professional University and Careers Office.

Reason for winning the award:

During the 16 years since its establishment, SCIE has sent nearly 200 graduates to Oxbridge, which is far more than any other school in China. Its University and Careers Office has continuously helped students to attend world top universities, and has provided students with university and even future career planning counseling. The office individualizes their guidance for each student, coordinating course choices with career planning, and has achieved great success.

Congratulations to all award winners! Many thanks to them for their contribution to international education in China.

All award winners will receive certificates and bonus.

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