2019 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony was held in SCIE on October 26th, 2019.

This year, SCIE students achieved excellent results in CIE examinations as always. In total, 40 students won the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards: 20 of them got Top in the World awards, 19 of them got Top in China, and 1 student got Best Across award. It is noticeable that more than 20% of recipients of the award ceremony are from SCIE, solidifying our leading position in all international schools across China with this significantly higher percentage.

From 1 p.m. in the afternoon, invited guests gradually arrived at SCIE and signed in with the help of student volunteers. Signature boards and other props were provided in the campus for students and their parents to take photos with. After the welcoming “warm-ups”, guests were led to the auditorium where refreshments and drinks were prepared for them by staff. As people ate and chatted, the relaxing atmosphere calmed everyone down.


Before the ceremony started, students from SCIE performed a Piano-Saxophone duet and a famous Chinese traditional piece with Erhu. The melodious tunes cheered up the atmosphere even more but maintained the formality and elegance of the ceremony. The host also introduced the new WeChat Live function this year, where all guests can obtain the official pictures and short videos taken, making the awarding process easier and more efficient.

At 2:30 p.m., the ceremony officially began. Our principal Mr. Neil Mobsby gave an award presentation speech, congratulating all students for their achievements and awards in a range of different subjects.

Following him, Tim Oates, CEO from Cambridge International Assessment Education, shared his speech. He stated that it was not only an extraordinary moment for award-winning candidates, their parents, their teachers, and the school, but also a special time for Cambridge International Assessment Education, because the focus of their work is to help and support the next generation to develop as global citizens. Since its establishment, CIAE has always been providing students with diversified education services, and now students’ achievements can demonstrate the success of Cambridge Education system.

Next, the awards were announced, and students went on the stage in the following order:

-High Achievement

-Top in Country

-Best Across

-Top in the World

High Achievement awards were handed out to learners who have achieved the highest standard marks in the country in a less widely taken subject, encouraging their interests with acknowledgement just like the more popular subjects. It is a pity that graduated students could not attend the ceremony, but their parents accepted the awards on behalf of their children instead.

AS Music High Achievement    Zhou Yue
AL Sociology High Achievement   Wu Yilin’s Parent
AL Music High Achievement   Huang Yike
AL English Language High Achievement   Huang Jiaxi’s Parent
AS Spanish Language High Achievement   Zeng Jinyuan
Group Photo of High Achievement Award Winners

After distributing the High Achievement awards, Travis from SCIE shared his learning experience as a Student Representative. He achieved the highest standard mark in China for AS Level Spanish, having studied Spanish for the past three years in SCIE. He encouraged every student to challenge themselves with foreign language subjects, no matter how difficult it might seem.

Later, it was the turn for Top in China awards. These were awarded to learners who have achieved the highest standard marks in the country for any individual subject.

AL Chemistry Top in China   Lv Yifan‘s Parent
AL  Computer Science  Top in China  Luo Haopeng’s Parent
AL Economics Top in China   Zou Yijian’s Parent
AL Geography Top in China   Deng Yuqiao’s Parent
AL Physics Top in China   Zhong Yi’s Parent
AL Psychology Top in China   Yang Yang’s Parent
AS Accounting Top in Cina   Tang Anying
AS History Top in China   Ma Xinyi
AS Literature in English Top in China   Zhou Yue
AS Sociology Top in China   Wang Chuanqi
IGCSE Art & Design Top in China   Hu Pengyue
IGCSE Music Top in China   Li Ruoshui
IGCSE Physical Education Top in China   Qi Dan
Group Photo of Top in China Award winners

Next, the Best Across awards were given to learners who have achieved the highest cumulative total standard marks in the country. Annie Tang from SCIE had overall highest standard marks for all four AS Level subjects and won the Best Across AS Level award.

AS Best Across Four First Place   Tang Anying

After that, another Student Representative, Alexander James Cox from Guangzhou, shared his inner thoughts on CAIE result releasing day and his opinions about academics. He received the Top in China award for IGCSE German this year.

Finally, the Top in the World awards were given to learners who have achieved the highest standard marks in the world for any individual subject. In the last academic year, three students from SCIE achieved 100% (full score) in Further Mathematics, which is widely recognized as the most difficult subject in A Level.

AL Further Mathematics Top in World   Tang Yue’s Parent
AL Further Mathematics Top in World   Wang Ding’s Parent
AL Further Mathematics Top in World   Wang Huiyuan’s Teacher Alpha
AL Mathematics Top in World    Liu Yazhe
AL Mathematics Top in world   Zhang Yuxuan
AS Art & Design Top in World   Mao Xinchun
AS Chemistry Top in World   Wei Jiaxin
AS Mathematics Top in World   Liang Xinyue’s Parent
AS Mathematics Topi n World   Liu Jiakai
AS Mathematics Top in World   Tang Anying
AS Mathematics Top in World   Wang Ruoyao
AS Mathematics Top in World   Wang Yuchao
AS Mathematics Top in World   Yang Rongze
AS Mathematics Top in World   Zhou Xueyang
AS Mathematics Top in World   Zhu Xiao
AS Mathematics Top in World   Zuang Fengkai
IGCSE Mathematics Top in World   Jie Haoran
IGCSE Mathematics Top in World   Li BingDong
IGCSE Mathematics Top in World   Wang Guanyi
Group Photo of Top in World Award Winners

“Cambridge 10 Years School” awards were also given to congratulate and acknowledge the schools who have joined CAIE for 10 years and have worked together towards further recognition of the Cambridge International system across the world.

In addition, the CEO of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, Garrison Lu, was also invited to this ceremony to give out IA Silver Awards. The Award encourages young pupils to spend time volunteering in their communities, which both benefits others and contributes to their own growth. Besides this, students are also required to complete different durations of hiking expeditions in May each year depending on the level of the award.

Student representative, David from SCIE, shared his experience participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award for three years, and emphasized the importance of outdoor activities as an indispensable part of student life.

IA Silver Winner   Zhang Jige
IA Silver Winner   Lin Chuqiao
IA Silver Winner   Yu Tianfang
IA Silver Winner   Lei Weijia
IA Silver Winner   He Tianyi
IA Silver Winner   Yang Chenhao
IA Silver Winner   Wei Jiaxin
IA Silver Winner   Li Jianuo
IA Silver Winner   Zhang Xinyu
IA Silver Winner   Sun Wenjie
Group Photo of IA Silver Winners

Time flies, and soon the ceremony came to an end. All students, parents, teachers, and guests were invited to take a group photo together on ground floor. More cameras continued to flash as everyone took more individual photos to record this commemorative day. Overwhelmed with pride and joy, their smiles on their face could not be hidden anymore.

All in all, sincere congratulations to all award-winning students, and good luck to this year’s SCIE students as we approach the 2020 examinations!

  • Written by Travis
  • Translated by 4101 Celina / 4158 Wendy

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