A successful PSHE class of nutrition in Metal 2

It was the last class before the lunch break. Everyone was excited about their lunch, looking forward for the PSHE class.

As the bell ringed, Elaine came to our classroom with a lot of whiteboards. We were curious about what is going on next, and as we were discussing about the confusion, Elaine projected the PPT on the screen.

Wow! The theme of our PSHE today is to share some basic knowledge of healthy eating.

Firstly, we were separated into different small groups. Elaine asked us to draw our diets on the whiteboards and prepared for the presentation. Somebody drew the cup noodles, and somebody drew the bubble tea.

The classroom was filled with the discussion.

Secondly, we presented out illustration clearly to our classmates in. front of them.

Some students shared their knowledge of the nutrition as well as the attitudes towards the food.

We gained a lot through the whole class.

At the end of the class, my friends and I made a decision that not to drink a bubble tea once a day, because they are unhealthy!

  • Reported by 19033 Angle
  • Photo by Elaine Liu

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