Music Department Concert 2019


Lights, music, fabulous performances and enthusiastic audiences! The Annual Music Department Concert has returned once again with high anticipation on the evening of November 13th. The marble stage has transformed into a grand staged fit for the occasion and ten performances of different styles presented some of the most memorable songs from our beloved musicals. The outdoor environment of the event tested the temporary resilience of the performance team as well as the skill of adjustment to any unexpected situations. A special thank you to the SCIE music coordinator and teacher, Ms. Molly, for organizing this event and Jason and Tom for hosting the show. It is undeniable that everyone who performed have worked extremely hard in perfecting the details to bring the audience an unforgettable experience.

Tom (left) and Jason (right)

Ms. Molly

The eventful night started off with “Do You Hear the People Sing”, one of the principal and most recognizable songs from “Les Misérables”, performed by the SCIE orchestra. The high level of talent and teamwork of the orchestra most definitely created a grand opening.

Following that is the wonderful acapella performance who performed various songs. Their beautiful clear voices filled the stage as they sang with smiling faces.

The beloved classics of “When I Grow Up” and “The Lonely Goathered” from the musicals “Matilda” and “The Sound of Music” respectively sung by the G level students created a lively atmosphere filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Following that were two songs from “Beauty and the Beast”: “Be Our Guest” and “Beauty and the Beast” performed by our G2 students.

Sprinkles of cash and a dash of comedy was presented by the humorous performance of “Money Money Money” from the musical “Mama Mia”. The clever acting, dashing costumes and confettis of money wowed the audience as they applauded with satisfaction.

Another highlight of the evening was the dramatic “Phantom of the Opera” from the musical itself performed by our A1 students Luna and Danny. The style of dress and their brilliant opera singing talent successfully recreated the original scene from the musical.

Next up was Francesca’s fantastic solo performance of “She Used to be Mine” from “Waitress”. Her voice greatly moved the audience with its purity and honesty and has also skillfully overcame a few slight technical issues.

To wrap up the night, the last two performances: “ All I Care About is Love” and “All that Jazz” from “Chicago” invited the dazzling group of dancers from Sparkling Dance as they performed with charisma and confidence.

The concert is undeniably an event which received large amounts of praise and left the audience wanting more. We are most definitely eager to see its return next year.

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