Curriculum Overview

Curriculum outline

At SCIE, we follow a British-style curriculum with students completing IGCSE and A-Level courses during the 4 years of study. The Cambridge Assessment International Education portfolio of IGCSE qualifications provides a solid foundation for higher-level courses such as A and AS levels qualifications. We also have some limited AP subject available: AP Statistics. 



All students at SCIE study an English qualification at each level. This allowing them to prepare to move into a full-English environment in the future. Please visit our subject information page for more course details.

SCIE offers wide range of different subject for both G-level and A-level students.

You may also find more details of courses on the each level on a separate webpage via buttons below

When new students enter SCIE, they can choose from various IGCSE courses. These courses cover various subject areas, allowing them to explore their talent and personal interests. Each student would be expected to complete the 5 core subjects plus three optional subjects in years G1 and G2 (Yr. 10 and 11).


After a two-years-study of IGCSE, SCIE students will move onwards to A-level Courses offered by Cambridge Assessment of International Education (CAIE). This will be the final GCE qualification when they apply to universities. Each student would be expected to complete the 4 or 5 AS subjects and 3 or 4 A-level subjects based on their preference.

We also have some limited AP subjects available; AP Statistics