2023 SCIE Got Talent


I have been excited since the afternoon of October 12th, and so excited that I couldn’t even stop talking.

My friend was curious and asked me what was going on. Why did I look like I had received an offer from Oxbridge? Am I going crazy? I gave her a helpless look in return: “I’m going to watch the talent show!”

As a new G1, this is my first SGT show. To be honest, I didn’t really have any idea about SGT at first, I just thought that this show must be stunning.

However, it was not until today that I understood the true meaning of this show to the performers and the audiences.

I entered the theater at 6:30, perfects were carrying cameras around, so I shuttled in the theater quietly like a thief. The first moment I sat down, I felt the excitement of sitting in the front row. The second moment I felt the tension because of the school leaders sitting behind me.

Listening to the music, I felt that all my strength was being brought up, so I rolled up my sleeves, turned on my laptop and got ready to work.

As the lights dimmed, two hosts came on stage to speak, the expectations were instantly raised. I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart: “Students from our school are so versatile, they are all so professional!”

No.1 Zero Gravity

The ethereal sounds and rhythmic drum beats bring gentle power, touch my soul, and soothe the heart tired because of studies.

The change of lighting brings a strong visual impact, a perfect opening.

No.2 Spring Thief

The curtain raised, and the people holding the guitar under the black and white light has a profound meaning, but the sound of the guitar does not lose its vitality.

The chorus part has a strong contrast with the intro, which shocked me while I was typing. The warm lights fell, and the voice passed through half of the theater, directly to my head.

No.3 Simon

When the light changed, the first thing I heard was a gentleman´s self-introduction. The gorgeous colors kept changing in my eyes.

When the climax arrived, all I could think of was wow!

When the performer sang “Simon, I don’t know, where to go?” in a confused tone on the stage, I was also confused in the bleachers: I don’t know, what other adjectives could be used to describe this moment?

No.4 Till the Clouds Roll by

Tensionous movements dance under the flashlight. It’s a thrilling pas de deux, with a story in every movement.

In this story, there is confusion, self-doubt, but it also contains the determination to believe despite the chaos of the world.

No.5 Under the Clouds

The delicate voice is full of hesitation, which brings back many memories.

The years have not passed away, but we are not where we were. Some people stay where they are, some wander far away; some people live desperately, and some people are willing to be mediocre.

It gave me so much more strength. And those past events, like the wind, eventually disappeared.

No.6 Beside the Baikal Lake

With the light behind him and the piano playing, it was like he was really on the shore of Lake Baikal.

The breeze was blowing, with the lake behind and green grass in front.

At this moment, dusk is falling, and the floating light is in dazzling gold.

No.7 Farewell My Concubine

Under the white moonlight, the girl danced; Under the warm orange light, the young man danced.

This scene is about separation, but it is also about remembering.

Perhaps the story of the lord and Yu Ji has reached its end, but their story continues.

No.8 What Was I Made For

She sang under the light, with confusion about the future, but also with the courage to give it a try. As the narration started, a warm pink light shone on her, giving the strength to not be afraid.

There is always no such thing as destiny, as we shouldn’t be defined.

No.9 Dance the Night Away

The neat dance steps and the music with great contrast drive all my passion.

Friends shouted, pushing the atmosphere to its peak.

In the end, the goal of completing most of the tweet content that day was also not achieved.

Taking a closer look at the entire article, the word “shocked and stunning” appears several times, simply because there is no other adjective in my mind that can fit the emotions.

If you want to experience the unprecedented feeling brought by sgt, come to sgt next time!