SCIE Food Fair 2023


SCIE is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a special event – the Food Fair Charity Food Festival!

As students, learning is undoubtedly important, but beyond academics, finding relaxation in the influence of good food is also a delightful pursuit.

As an international school, cultures from around the world converge within the our campus. Food, being a representative of customs and traditions from various regions, is an essential element. During the Food Fair, students, parents, and teachers showcase their culinary skills, bringing specialty dishes and traditional cuisines from their homelands to the school, allowing students who are about to study abroad to get a taste of flavors from around the world.

Shortly after noon, the red flag of the 20th-anniversary celebration fluttered in the wind, and the red and white tablecloths were neatly arranged. Stalls, electric stoves, and tableware were set up, eagerly awaiting the arrival of chefs and diners. Meanwhile, the mothers from the Dumpling Team were busy preparing dumplings in the Canteen.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, as the final school bell rang, the school immediately came to life. Everyone flocked to the event, and the entire campus was instantly bustling with a sea of people.

With a command from Principal Neil Mobsby, the Food Fair officially began! The campus was soon filled with the loud calls of vendors, the joyful laughter of students, and the sizzling sounds of frying pans…

Along the sides of the campus garden and the Shuiwei Plaza, over 100 chefs at their stalls pulled out all the stops to attract visitors from the school. The vendors included parents, teachers, and talented students… Most eye-catching were the mothers from the Parent Chorus, who worked in unison with clear roles, warmly welcoming every student.

The stall signs each had their own unique charm. Some were filled with literary and artistic elegance, while others were eye-catching and enticing. The sign for the Dumpling Team was particularly humorous and filled with parents’ earnest hopes for their students.

Walking around the Food Fair, you could find a wide array of delicacies from Chinese rice cakes, potstickers, barbecue, and spicy skewers to Korean grilled meat and rice cakes, American cakes and desserts, and Indian specialty curry rice… Every type of cuisine was showcasing the unique culture of the chefs’ hometowns to the visitors, and every dish was a tantalizing treat for the taste buds.

The variety of beverages was equally impressive. There was the delicate fragrance of tea, the aromatic and heartwarming specialty coffee, and the homemade milk tea that was sweet without being overly so and difficult to put down… Each beverage was carefully crafted by the chefs, not only quenching your thirst but also warming your heart.

Amidst the bustling crowd, everyone held multiple dishes in their hands, shedding the fatigue of studies and relishing the joy of the moment through the delicious food.

As night fell, a string of lanterns lit up one by one, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It felt as if everyone was strolling through narrow alleyways, savoring the warmth of human life. The surroundings gradually grew quieter, and as the 20th-anniversary celebration flag disappeared into the night, the 2023 SCIE Food Fair came to a close. People began to anticipate next year’s Food Fair as they savored the memories of this one.

The Food Fair this time raised a total of 125,860 yuan in charity funds, and the school will, as always, donate it to charitable organizations. Thanks to the Food Fair, it allowed everyone to contribute to charity while enjoying delicious food. Happy 20th anniversary to SCIE!