25 SCIE students got offers from Oxbridge


 [SCIE web news, Jan 23rd, 2019] Recently, the world-renowned universities Oxford University and Cambridge University are releasing their admission notices. 25 students from Shenzhen College of International Education (SCIE) have received the offers from these two universities, which makes SCIE stand in number one in the domestic A-Level schools for many years in a row.

10 SCIE students have received conditional offers from Oxford University and 14 students have received conditional offers from Cambridge University. Among them, Andrew Huang Hao has received a conditional offer of a place in the most challenging college — Trinity College in Cambridge and was granted Jardine full scholarship of 1.7 million RMB. Wilson Wang Huiyuan, with his outstanding academic strength, was also granted Jardine full scholarship of 1.7 million RMB. This year, only three students in China mainland have achieved Jardine full scholarship. It is also the first time for Jardine foundation to grant full scholarship to two students from the same school.

These students have received offers from a variety of majors. SCIE students have maintained their advantages in science such as Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, and Natural sciences. At the same time, they have also obtained the admission offers in social sciences such as Psychology and Behavioral sciences. These majors have very high requirements for students’ English ability and humanistic quality but SCIE students always dare to take the challenge.

Ricardo has received a conditional offer from University of Cambridge, majored in Medicine. Except European students, there are only six students received the offer in this major all over the world. We can image what a challenge it would take to get this offer.

Jamie has received a conditional offer from University of Cambridge, majored in Computer Science. Computer Science in University of Cambridge is the top among all universities in the UK. And it is also one of the hardest major to get into in Cambridge with its extremely low admission rate.

Andrew has received an offer in Land Economics. This is a multi-disciplinary major, which requires knowledge of economy, environment, and law and also requires student to have high level of comprehensive knowledge. The interview is very challenge and difficult.


⊕ Summary of 2019 SCIE Oxford and Cambridge University Admission Result


University of Cambridge

University of Oxford

Cao Zeyu ( Jamie) Huang Jingyu ( Kenny) Tan Ling ( Steven) Fu Yunwei ( Amy)
Huang Peiyao ( Ringo) Luo Yige (Scofield) Yang Tianyi ( Tim) Wang Jiahao (Walter)
Huang Hao ( Andrew) Xiang Herault He Guangyi ( Gabriel) Ren Zeyu ( Mike )
Wang Ding ( Stephen) Deng Yuyang ( Ricardo) Wu Qingxuan ( Peter) Xu Zhaorui ( Cheryl)
Lv Yifan ( Ivan) Zeng Yijun ( Avery) Guang Li ( Gary) Huang Xingyue ( Scott)
Yu Hongyi ( Sandy) Wang Huiyuan ( Wilson)
Chen Leer ( Grace) Ji Wendi ( Renee)
 Zhang Ruoqi ( Seraphina)


♣ Congratulations to everyone who has received offer from Oxford and Cambridge. This is the harvest of your unremitting efforts. At the same time, we believe whatever the result is, everyone’s effort will pay off in your life path.

As 2018 graduate Xinting’s mother said:

When everyone pays attention to the lucky ones who have received offers from Oxford and Cambridge, I also want to applaud to those who failed to receive offer but had tried very hard for the opportunity. They faced the risk of being rejected but have tried their best to apply for the dream major and university. They are the best and must gain a lot even though without an offer from Oxford or Cambridge at last. They are still heroes and must be very successful in the future for they have faith and are willing to fight for themselves.

(Report/Crystal; Translation/Jocelyn & Alice)

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