SISAC Basketball Competition: SCIE vs SWIS



The whistle sounds the start of the game. SCIE gets the upper hand for jump-ball. Danny passes long to Eric and cooperates with Zac to score 2. Zac gets the rebound off the opponents shot, and hail marries to create a foul. Sadly, the free-throws were off. Danny follows with a quick-attack and creates another foul. This time 1 of 2 free-throws were made. After incomplete plays from both sides, Richard makes a mid-range shot for 2, then assisting Bryant for a toss-shot.

The opponent answers with one of their own. After a few turnovers, Danny schools the defender 1 on 1 and makes 2, maintaining the upper hand. The opponent, relying on their free-throws, fights to keep up. Richard stands up, showing that he can do more than assist, and scores one on his own. Zac appears out of no-where, scoring 4 points with his amazing strength and agility. The opponent scores 2 of their own to answer. Shoulder rises in Qi and consecutively scores 4 points under the basket.

The opposing teams’ number 93 stands for their team and scores 8 points in a row. Oscar sinks his own mid-range shot. SCIE, with a big lead, continues in the second half. With the huge gap, SWIS seems to have last hope. The whistle sounds, and SCIE makes it to the finals.

Girls’ basketball

On the afternoon of January 14, SCIE girls’ basketball team played a fierce game against SWIS girls’ basketball team. SCIE started the game with Diana, Christy, Grace, Wendy and Helen. In the opening jump, SWIS got the ball. ThenDiana stole the ball, but she missed the shot and the teammates missed the rebound. So SCIE had to turn back to defend. Then both sides exchanged attack and defense many rounds, both making mistakes and not able to score. SWIS coach then called the time-out.

After the break, SCIE switchedAndreaonto the court. It seemed that SWIS coach directed SWIS to change tactics significantly, their players tried to shoot around the three-point line for several times to get around SCIE’s defense. Girls on SCIE team in turn reduced their muffs and cooperated well to create multiple offensive opportunities to make a shot and continue to stay ahead. When it came to the second game, SCIE changed all of the players on court. Elizabeth, Angie, Brooklynn, Salvin and Jacquelyn played instead. Under the passionate guidance of Tom, SCIE won the match by 11:9. Congratulations to the girls’ basketball team. We are looking forward to your next game.

(Report/ PE department of Student Union; Photos/Leo Wang)

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