SISAC Basketball Competition: SCIE VS QSI


pointers from the player no.3 and another shot take by the canter, QSI successfully caught up the score of 7:7.

Michael stand out at this time, he broke out of the game and makes his single play, starting at the three-point line, throwing the in the air, and pour a cup of cappuccino.

However, in the last two minutes of the first quarter, both teams contributed turnovers due to the mistakes, the score remained.

In the second quarter, Zac showed his full dominance, first breaking through for a layup and then grabbing the backboard. He broke through and got the backboard for an and one in a row. Then he made two free throws and hit a wave of climax. The other side, psi players are frequently interrupted by zone defence from center Zac and Schroeder and can only rely on peripheral shots to break the deadlock.

Coach Luke replaced Schroeder with Ivan to strengthen the flanking defense, while Michael came on and made his single play, with a built-in accelerator within his steps, ignoring the defender, finish with left hand layup, and in the next round, he slants cut in with a beautiful jump shot which beyond the opponent’s reach.

But the opponents were unwilling to be outdone, post up and shot, make field call repeatedly. In the last minute of the second quarter, Luke put on the injured point guard Richard to make the final attack. Richard looped the ball to Ivan in the bottom corner, but Ivan didn’t find the chance. As he did a hand off screen for Richard. Richard finish the shot smoothly at the three-point bottom line which received a round of applause.

Early in the third quarter, Richard continued his hot touch, receiving a pass from inside Ivan,shot a three pointer again without any hesitation. However,the shooting guard of QSI hit one after another difficult shot to narrow the score gap. At that time, captain Zac’s deadly block shot lifted SCIE ‘s spirits.

Then the funny thing happened. Richard on the bench clapped in a very sarcastic way and was called a technical foul by the referee.

And that’s not the end of the story, as the Zac continues his show of offensive misbehavior. As Lam didn’t make the layup. Zac grabbed the backboard and forced a and one in the key area.

The score was slowly pulled apart, and by the end of the third quarter, SCIE had pretty much sealed the win.

The fourth quarter began, QSI sent the strongest lineup onto the court to attempt a decisive battle, QSI players have hit three points and fade away shot continuously. Ivan’s flanking defense took the momentum out of his opponent’s head. He blocked the no. 3 player breaking with a cap block, though was tricked into jumping by the center who picked up the rebound, then took off the ball from behind again with his extremely compressive defence.

SCIE ‘s relentless defense made the opponent harder to score and, of course, something unexpected happened. In the defense of sacrifice oneself to death, Nick’s foul reached 5 times, was sent off by the referee. The audience all responded with applause, we didn’t know if it is for Nick unyielding defensive spirit or feel gloat for him. As the clock ticked away, the big heart Richard carried out the final attack, frequently deceptive crossover, ended with finger roll. The ball flew into the basket at a magical Angle and at the same time, the whistle blew, and the game was over.

SCIE storm won the game 47:27 and congratulated on Zac for his first double-double of the season with 15 points, 13 rebounds, three steals and two blocks.

(Report/ Iven; Photos/Leo Wang )

Girls Basketball

At the beginning of the match, SCIE began to make a fierce attack. Unfortunately, the ball was stolen by the opponent, and the first ball ended with the opponent’s out. In several rounds, you can see that QSI’s 9th is very brave. Wendy scored a free throw when the two sides were in full swing.

In the second game, the two sides gradually became deadlocked and went back and forth several times. SCIE got a free throw once again and Wendy scored another goal. The game went on and the ball went to the middle of the court. Diana got the ball and rushed to the other side’s basket to lay up. Unfortunately, it almost came in. The other side’s attack, though fierce, did not score. Soon after, SCIE made another free throw. Unfortunately, they did not make it this time. QSI seized the opportunity to attack. The situation was tense for a time, but they failed.

At the beginning of the third game, the SCIE team attacked. Unfortunately, Christy was blocked when he passed the ball. The ball was passed into the opponent’s hand and the opponent No. 10 rushed to the basket and scored a goal. Then the game was played in Tom’s constant “Don’t rush!”The other side missed the free throw.The final game ended at 7:4 in the attack of the SCIE.


(Report/Wendy; Photos/ Leo Wang)

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