Cauliflower Literary Club held the first film seminar


[SCIE web news, Jan 23rd, 2019] The ECA Cauliflower Literary Club held the first film seminar in 18th, January, with two members from the Slide Door Film Association at the club’s invitation.

The activity began at 3 P.M. as scheduled. Apart from the club members, there were also some other students who joined in the seminar out of their enthusiasm for film. The club leader and Chinese teacher Susie started to play the Japanese film ‘Ice Cream and the Sound of Rain’, which is the subject of this seminar. This film features on high school students rehearsing a stage play. The cinematography technique is novel, and the insights are quite perceptive. During the whole time when the film was playing, students behaved with perfect theatre manners.

After the film was over, the two invited guests from Guangzhou met with the participants. Mr. He, the visiting host of this seminar, warmly welcomed everyone to speak their minds. Someone offered their interpretation of the theme of this film, while some others brought along questions on the design of characters and the filming techniques. The visiting host professionally separated the analysis into four sections: quality, story, characters, and techniques.

Time passed quickly as participants discussed from the theme and elements to the double plot lines, from the characters’ relationships to the use of the special cinematography technique. The seminar was infused with academic mood by some intense discussions when opposing opinions appeared. Among the participants, the drama student who felt strongly relatable to this story used dramatic knowledge into the analysis, at which the host Mr. He marvel. Many other students also shared the connection between their daily learning process and the film. Two hours had passed without anyone realizing it.

Finishing analyzing the film, the guests were about to leave as the sun was going down. After the vigorous discussions, everyone still felt a sense of discontent when waving goodbye to the guests. In this short few hours, the participants all learned quite a lot of professional film knowledge. Hope that this activity might grow into an SCIE series in the future!

Report/Anita; Translation/Fara; Photos/Kelly

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