The Third Physics House Competition


[SCIE web news, Jan 18th,2019] On Wednesday, the third Physics House Competition took place in SCIE. Every Physics teacher has prepared 5 questions of a variable difficulty for this competition and those questions were incorporated into Physics Jeopardy game.

Practical skills questions were unusual and demanded from students some creative thinking and confident measuring techniques, for example: ‘Do the necessary measurements to estimate the temperature of fire in a gas burner’, or ‘Do the measurements to estimate the number of molecules in the given iron nail’ and others.

Students were really excited by answering tricky Physics questions and conducting challenging practical tasks.

The results of this year Physics House Competition:

1st place – Wood House (13600 points);

2nd place – Fire House (10400 points);

3rd place – Water House (10000 points) and

4th place – Metal House (2200 points).




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