SCIE Halloween|Toasting and lightning , souls are whispering


There was already a little autumn smell in the wind. October stepped on the fallen leaves quietly passing by, the footsteps of Halloween slowly approaching. Different from the previous tweets written by the seniors, this time, I would like to stand in my own position and record the late October feast.

This is the first Halloween that I spend in SCIE. Compared to the colorful party, I reckon that the Halloween plan is also worth being written down. As a new member of Events Division, I also participated in decorating the haunted house this year. We have defenitely faced lots of troubles, like hanging up the black curtains, or decorating every single corners in the room, or finding some help when we were in lack of labour power, but finally everything was solved. 

The afternoon before the event, everything was ready, everyone was taking selfies with the skull, or scaring each other with frightening spiders models, laughter echoed, interspersed with screams. The sunset afterglow through the leaves, falling layers of halo on the ground.

On 31st October, the day that everyone was looking forward to, the atmosphere in the campus is more impressing. The pumpkins seems to add some golden paints to this charming day. During daytime, some fancy costumes were always eye-catching, and it was exciting if we could receive candies from teachers or classmates.

The sun hided behind the clouds, moonlight illuminate everywhere in the campus. It became hustle and bustle. Roses were wrapped by vintage-looking paper, quietly waiting for students who came to pick them up.This unique romance of SCIE, was fragrant. Heartbeats and cheerfulness were all contained in the lovely flowers.

“Under each cluster of flowers, there are several bones painted by white, so there are always some stars and road, which can’t be illuminated by moonlight.”
(From the poetry anthology Zhenbian Ji, by blogger Beiting). At about 6.30 p.m., the crowd gradually surging. Warm light enlightened the campus, a large amount of people sat on the steps, waiting for the show to begin. Beautiful singing voices, hot dancing and intelligent band music pleased everyone. It felt like drinking a bottle of wine, or a fire blazing to burst people into cheer.

It was hard for the people waiting out of the haunted house to imagine what was going on inside the house. Escaping from a weird house and lab, the threatening story of feudal marriage, all of the senses were maginified infinitely in the darkness.

Old houses stood there, the spider nets stuck together, and the horrible bloody handprint climbing along the wall, and someone was whipering and singing.

Everyone was dressed up, hiding themselves under the costumes and make-up. I saw the wings of butterfly painted beside their eyes. I saw someone was drawing a skeleton mask on their face. I saw someone dressed up as a combination of angel and devil. The experience was undeniably impressive.

With the last beam of light was blew out by the wind, the carnival came to the end. Everything was in silence, except the sound of leaves rustling. The plasma , the roses and the music combined as a dream. In the moon night, the soul started to whispering.