Available for all G-level Students, as a core subject.

Learn the culture behind

SCIE students will pursue higher education in western countries, and as such will inevitably be influenced by the cultures and values of these countries. Therefore, students should be well-grounded in their native Chinese culture and language, and establish a strong identity within themselves, in order to benefit most from this experience.

This subject comes within the traditional Sociology category, which is different from a pure language or history course. It emphasises traditional Chinese culture, historic events, literary development and ethnic relations.

Each year, SCIE organizes field trip for students, allowing them to have a better understanding of Chinese culture while travelling and visiting historical places such as Dunhuang, Chengdu.


Scheme of assessment

IGCSE First Language Chinese is assessed through two papers at the end of the course:

Paper 1: Reading directed Writing and Classical Chinese. Duration is 2h15m. This paper

counts for 50% of the total mark.

Paper 2: Two Compositions. Duration is 2h. This paper counts for 50% of the total mark.