Available for both G-level and A-level students. Also a core subject for IGCSE study.

All about Mathematics

Mathematics plays a critical role in our efforts to understand the universe’s nature and our technological society continuing development Many students decide to study mathematics for this reason and students also study mathematics in order to develop critical reasoning skills that can significantly contribute to many personal goals. Of course the study o mathematics can lead students directly to a variety of courses at
University, both in undergraduate and graduate schools. The frenetic pace of research and development in computers and high technology has led to strong new imperatives for more mathematical expertise within the last few years.

All mathematics starts with a question and proceeds to an answer. A somewhat artificial division into pure and applied areas within mathematics refers only to the source of the question. Questions from Calculus and vectors are called pure questions from statistics and mechanics are called applied. Mathematics is a construct of the human mind that gives us a way to model and understand the world around us.


-Erickson Jones, Head of Faulty, Maths & CS


At SCIE we recognize that many of our students have entered the college having studied in the rigorous Chinese Mathematical system. Therefore SCIE have an unique subject structure for mathematics: studying an A-level subject as an IGCSE students.