“Super Dance” Attracted Me to SCIE



2022 graduate of SCIE, studying at University of California, Berkeley

For me, SCIE is one of the few schools that is able to achieve a balance between work and play. Before I even entered the gate of SCIE I was intrigued by this balance. Once I arrived and began my student life in SCIE, I couldn’t agree more with this fact. SCIE’s highly selective admission process resulted in an excellent student composition, which then created a perfect atmosphere for studying. During the first two weeks of A1, I realized that I must challenge myself to learn and preside over my own academic progress. At SCIE, you can always see friends studying together. At the same time, though, SCIE never lacks fun. For instance, the A2 Superman Dance was welcomed by many students. During this student-organized performance, students can do whatever mischief they want. To be honest, the main reason that I am amazed and determined to join SCIE was the Superman Dance performance I watched online. Besides, we have other engaging and relaxing activities, such as Chinese New Year Concert, Food Fair, and Halloween Night.

Ultimately, it is SCIE’s excellent trust and freedom given to students that allow them to arrange their own times to achieve a work-play balance. A side effect of this freedom is the diverse student organizations. Students are encouraged and given a safe space to pursue their passions and freely be themselves. At SCIE, I met a genius who play games all day but still got into G5; I met a young ‘senex’ who love philosophy and roomescape; I met an extreme-extrovert who could high five with strangers but would weep for game characters; I met a head of BPC promoting changes in labor relations through drama. Everyone I’ve got to know at SCIE is different and special. From my interactions with them, I gradually found my own identity. It is SCIE’s various activities offered that prompted me to acquaint with the fabulous cohort. One of the most important activities for me is my work as the deputy chair of student council in the student leadership body. I joined many engaging events, such as Orientation Week and Camping for G1 students. From the student council’s negotiations with the student body and the school, I learned to see issue from different perspectives. From collaborations with other student leaders, I learned the signifciance of cooperation and effect communications. As hindsight, I enocurage students to seize the opportunity and join SCIE’s activities whenever possible. No matter your applying for the UK or US, it is never enough to learn, practice, and meet friends. You Only Live Once!

I want to use this opportunity praise my two university application counselors at SCIE. When I was puzzling over my university application essays, my counselor Andrey Dubinsky and head of UCO Iris Cheung supported me and spent time with me to brainstorm every possible essay topics. I remembered that during the busiest time in October, I wrote four to five completely differnent personal statements to select with my counselors. Beside the suggestions they gave for my essays, I am very thankful for their supports of me writing essays that are highly unique. In my essays, I’ve mentioned several topics that many people would consider inappropriate, such as fan fictions, views on Sino-Japanese relations, and passions for games and tea. However, my counselors didn’t oppose these contents but encouraged me to present to universities of who I truly am. I believe that these unique contents are important in granting me my university offers (University of California Berkeley, Wake Forest University, University of Sydney). I hope that future university applicants can have more faith in their UCO counselors.

Lastly, I wish all present students of SCIE can have faith in their decisions to join SCIE and feel no regret. Please believe in the positive changes that you will experience in such a free and supportive school environment!