2023 Alumni Open Day


On October 21, 2023, our dearest alumni assembled at the Antuo Hill campus to mark SCIE’s 20th anniversary. Many alumni had eagerly anticipated this campus celebration since summer, and for numerous attendees, it marked their inaugural visit to the new campus. As they ascended the rainbow staircase, they were met with the striking fusion of modern architecture and natural surroundings. In awe, alumni wasted no time snapping photos to commemorate their first collective snapshot with the new campus backdrop.

The Alumni Open Day kicked off amid laughter and smiles. Principal Neil Mobsby began with a warm welcome, expressing gratitude for everyone’s return to SCIE and their contributions to SCIE’s journey of development.

Following this, Mr. Mobsby, along with alumni representatives Chang Yufei and Chen Yian, approached a cake adorned with the words “SCIE 20th Anniversary Celebration.” With heartfelt wishes for the campus’s continued excellence, they jointly cut the cake.

Everyone then made their way to the Halo Theater, taking a precious group photo of students and teachers.

As the theater lights dimmed, the screen began to play a historical video, unfolding the story of SCIE from 2003 to 2023.

Watching the emergence of many “SCIE’s traditions” for the first time many years ago, there was not only admiration for the boundless creativity of the alumni who founded these traditions but also deep gratitude for subsequent alumni who had kept these traditions alive while incorporating new elements, infusing youthful history into SCIE.

Many alumni recognized their once youthful and inexperienced selves in the documentary. Some, as they watched, couldn’t resist capturing these precious moments to share with friends who were currently far away but held SCIE in their hearts. Looking back on the time of youthful, I can’t help but wonder how everyone from that time is faring today.

As the documentary came to an end, alumni streamed out of the theater, eager to reunite with their teachers and former classmates, sharing greetings and capturing memorable photos. Years apart, these reunions transported individuals back to that summer of their youth. Fortunately, even when we depart from SCIE and travel far and wide, we can still return to each other’s side, sharing the changes and constants of these years.

The talented alumni also showcased their skills on this Alumni Day. Alumni Wang Yunchu, Xiao Sa, and Chen Yian delivered music performances in various styles, leaving the audience deeply enchanted.

Of course, the highlight of the event was the alumni basketball game. Former comrades who once fought side by side on the court reunited once again, showcasing their synergy and skill. After several matches, the spectators on the sidelines were deeply inspired by the passionate performances and couldn’t help but cheer.

On the other side of the venue, the alumni volleyball game was just as intense. Former volleyball team members, filled with precious reunions, joined forces with both new and experienced players, and the court was filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

Inside the venue, cheers, the sound of basketballs colliding, and the thud of volleyballs hitting the ground intertwined, making it feel as if one had traveled back to the high school campus of many years ago.

This Alumni Open Day was meticulously planned by students and staff, and many thoughtful details pleasantly surprised the alumni.

Unique memorabilia, well-arranged photo spots, as well as the mini-programme and live photo sharing, all contributed to the enjoyment of the alumni.

A few days ago, alumni who had made donations to the ” Yuanzhou” sculpture received sculpture model gift boxes and certificates of appreciation from the school through mail. Their names have also been engraved on the campus walls, serving as a testament to alumni’s care and support for SCIE.

From a few classrooms in Shenzhen Middle School to a small campus in Shuiwei Village, and now to the lush campus on the shores of Antu Hill, every step of SCIE has been the result of the dedication and innovation of teachers and students.

Alumni generously shared the paths they’ve “walked,” and the younger students, after exploring the “paths no one has walked,” continue to pass on their new discoveries, constantly uncovering new horizons.

Over the past twenty years, Shenzhen Graduate School students have scattered across the globe, shining in their respective fields. We sincerely wish for SCIE to continue growing and developing, nurturing students who are not only talented but also socially responsible, so they can make even more significant contributions to the world.