Impact of Social Medium – Report on Metal 2 form meeting, Nov 27, 2019


Impact of Social Medium

Report on Metal 2 form meeting, Nov 27,2019 [Video / Elaine Liu]

With the development of science and technology these days, social media has gradually become popular and become an indispensable part of our daily life.

However, every coin has two sides. In this speech, we will explain our views on social media and its advantage and disadvantages. Its advantages are undoubtedly very significant, not only did it shorten the distance between people physically but also shortens the distance between people’s hearts. I have a friend in SCIE that came from Harbin. This was supposed to be something to be congratulated, but a significant problem occurred. Since the distance between Harbin and Shenzhen is quite far, she had to stay in school most of the time and couldn’t see her parents. This would have been a great misfortune 200 years ago, but thanks to social media these days, those problems are all solved. Many softwares like WeChat not only supports chats in text messages, but also support audio calls, video calls and other functions. The problems faced by my friend were readily solved. Social media also plays an important role in the process of shortening people’s spiritual distance. Some people may be afraid of face-to-face communication in real life situations, but social media provides a perfect opportunity for these people to communicate with others.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of social media are also obvious. It will not only make people addicted to the Internet, unable to extricate themselves, but also distract people’s attention. It also has a huge impact on the quality of our sleep. If you’re on your phone before bed, your brain will pump out a lot of dopamine, which causes you to feel really excited. What’s more, it can create inertia. I myself always don’t feel like doing anything after using my phone.

 In a word, social media is a great progress for our society. Despite its addictions, the advantages still overweigh its disadvantages.

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