SCIE Got Talent — An Aesthetic Feast


Although I still had loads of tasks unfinished, I still couldn’t stop myself from stepping into the auditorium on the night of SGT.

The audience gradually inched up the stairs of the entrance, both hands stuffed with drinks and cakes, glowing sticks tucked under their arms. The white door opened, revealing a dark world behind, where the only light is the stage light on the ground, the walls, the tables and the chairs. Both sides of the aisle were dotted with opalescent lamps, leading us to the stage. The words ‘SCIE GOT TALENT’ floated in front of the deep blue canvas of a sky, surrounded by clouds and balloons.

Crowds of audience had started to pack the hall. I walked to the backstage to chat with my club mates from Acapella. Although we were going to be the first one on stage, I did not panic at all as I already learnt to cope with this nervousness. As the host left the stage and the curtains were drawn,our performance began. It was all going extremely well, with the audience immersed in the beautiful melodies of the song, until the microphone buzzed unexpectedly, producing a noise that lasted throughout our second song. Fortunately, the noise was not a great disturbance to us, and our performance ended with a big round of applause.

Suddenly, the whole room was re-occupied by darkness and silence. Only a few specks of light were visible behind the curtains as shadows dashed across the stage.

When the drapes slowly lifted, two students appeared, one behind an electric keyboard, and one aside the table. At first, we thought it was only going to be them singing a song, but what happened onwards blew our minds: the story told by the lyrics came alive in front of our eyes, and the plot unraveled slowly along the melody. It led us into the story and showed us the true inner feelings of the writer. Every note crystalized out of the air naturally, and the audience was submersed in the peaceful atmosphere of the song.

As the performance ended and the curtains closed again, the host appeared under a stream of white light, introducing the upcoming performance.

When the music started and the lights turned on, a girl walked onto the stage. With the microphone in her left hand, she started to sing. Her notes echoed in the auditorium, colliding with each other, speeding up the heartbeats of every audience in the room. She stood under the zigzagging stage lights, while the rest of the space remained dark. As her voice raised, the stage lights also started to flicker. The emotions of the audience were slowly raised with the melody. As the song reached the end, everyone in the room let out a huge sigh.



The music started playing again. Two blindfolded dancers appeared on stage. They danced along the beats, their movements like words, revealing their emotions inside. Their performance was elegant and powerful at the same time, and their agile movements stayed in our minds long after they were gone.

The notes of a piano flowed in swiftly, distant and peaceful, as if from a cool spring deep in the forest. The serene, refreshing melodies slowly calmed us, yet a sharp halt caught us off guard; we held our breaths, frozen in the seats.

The crimson curtain slashed open. Black shadows drifted amidst the pale blue light. Suddenly, the whole stage lit up and everything came clear. Despite a malfunctioning microphone, the singer still put up a brilliant show. Three groups of singers went on and off the stage, their styles alternating with the flashing lights and shades. The audience was completely mesmerized by the sweet melody.

The auditorium rang with tunes after tunes as performers displayed their talents one after another.

After all the individual competitors had performed, they paired up and returned back to the stage for a second round.

The melodious tunes, the smooth dance moves, and the sonorous songs, intertwined with each other.

Never can we know how much time they spent, and never can we figure out how much effort they made. The only thing we saw was how fantastic they were. Their performances, together with the light and shadow on the stage, engraved the marvelous night in our hearts.

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