The First Flag-raising Ceremony of the New Semester 2020

【SCIE Website News, 6thJanuary,2020】

After a joyful Christmas holiday, the SCIE teachers and students started their new semester with a flag-raising ceremony.

Rindy from the Prefect body, expressed her wishes for all with a wonderful new year and greater academic achievement. She also mentioned that, the Prefect Body will host a summer school sharing session this Wednesday. On the sharing session, students who had attended the summer schools of the top universities will do the introductions for those interested.

Afterwards, the Principal welcomed the new Computer Science teacher Kamana Mishra and IT Technician Dean Huang and hoped that they could enjoy their life here.

Later on, the Chairperson of Student Union, Elizabeth and the Head of ECAs, Maggie came to the stage and announced that the Chinese New Year concert, with eye-catching programs, will be staged the next week and the ECA Fair will also happen on this Thursday. At that time, each ECA group will present its own characteristics in a unique way and this is something should not be missed.

The head of Commerce Department, Chet Khatu praised two students who solved the puzzle posted by the department two years ago, at the meantime, he sent out the invitation of the UCC Applied Economics Award to all students. The winner of last year, Alice Ruan came to the stage as well to introduce the competition and encouraged students who interested in economics to sign up for it.

The new Head of Residential, John Marques presented the outstanding dormitory awards to the students recommended by the dorm teachers. The award-winning students and dormitories have performed very well in the dormitory life, discipline and habits and should be the models for all to contribute a healthy and beautiful accommodation environment.

As Head of Water house, Issac Fu updated the new house score table for us. During the House Fun Games, the Metal house won the game for G level, while the Wood House was the winner in A level. In the Christmas Tree Decoration Competition, each house showed us with unique décor and in the end, Water and Wood were tied for the first place. On the latest house score table, Water still hold the first place, followed by Wood house. The house competition of the new semester will start with the girl’s football games this Wednesday and all are welcomed to come and cheer for their teams.

Last month, PE teacher Edward took the Boys Basketball team to attend the competition in Thailand and these ten boys won the Bronze awards after fierce combat with other Asian teams.

At last, the principal Mobsby declared that the student leadership selection is on this Friday and wished good luck to all candidates.

Recently, the list of winners of the 2019 MyFitCollege International awards was officially announced, and the Principal and the University and Career Office of Shenzhen College of International Education were awarded for their outstanding achievements. The launch of the MyFitCollege’s Annual International Awards aim to inspire and promote good practices in the international education industry, thereby promoting the overall improvement of China’s international education level.

This Wednesday, a capping ceremony will be held on the SCIE new campus, which means the main body of the school buildings has been completed, and SCIE has moved a step further toward its new campus.

Let’s look forward to a prosperous 2020!

(Article / Jocelyn)

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