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iGEM — SCIE Team Won Gold Prize

Twitter Weixin Weibo Previous Next About iGEM iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) is a top-of-the-line science and technology competition in not just the developing field of synthetic biology but also the world. The competition itself is highly interdisciplinary, involving cross-cooperation in biology, mathematics, computer programming and so on. The competition is founded in 2003 […]

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The China International School Competitiveness Ranking 2019 Announced by Kinglead

Twitter Weixin Weibo The China International School Competitiveness Ranking·2019 is announced officially by Kinglead on Dec 3rd, 2019, and the ranking has been released for two consecutive years.The ranking is based on publicly available data and utilizes quantitative model and compositive weighted score to reflect international schools’ comprehensive competitiveness from three core dimensions : international

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2019.12.02 SCIE Flag Raising

Twitter Weixin Weibo It’s the last flag raising in 2019 in which all students and teachers showed up. Although the weather is getting colder, the atmosphere on the campus is still warm. After flag raising ceremony, the heads of the Prefects, gave a brief summary of the past and upcoming events for everyone. Major Events

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Impact of Social Medium – Report on Metal 2 form meeting, Nov 27, 2019

Impact of Social Medium Twitter Weixin Weibo Report on Metal 2 form meeting, Nov 27,2019 [Video / Elaine Liu] With the development of science and technology these days, social media has gradually become popular and become an indispensable part of our daily life. However, every coin has two sides. In this speech, we will explain our

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Our Pink Anti-bullying Week

Last week, the prefects launched a series of activities on campus aiming to fight against bullying, titled “Anti-bullying Week”. On Tuesday, the whole school contributed towards a  “Sorry” Poster. During Wednesday’s PSHE session, all students and their form teachers discussed various topics concerning Anti-bullying, and on Thursday, the Prefects put up a Charity Shop and

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Lecture of Dunhuang Culture

“So hard to meet, Drink graceful wine to welcome thee. Ten cups without drunkenness, Only your very gladness and sincereness. Peace!” It is quite difficult to relate two cities as distinct as Shenzhen and Dunhuang together originally, but this week, SCIE became a cultural link between the two cities, impressing our students with the stunning

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Music Department Concert 2019

Lights, music, fabulous performances and enthusiastic audiences! The Annual Music Department Concert has returned once again with high anticipation on the evening of November 13th. The marble stage has transformed into a grand staged fit for the occasion and ten performances of different styles presented some of the most memorable songs from our beloved musicals.

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