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The SCIE Union of Commerce held the first essay competiton

[SCIE web news, Jan 23rd, 2019] This year the UCC Applied Economics Award had a focus on Shenzhen’s economic reforms since 1978. One essay stood out – the winner is Alice Ruan. Her essay confidently and verifiably highlighted the reasons for Shenzhen’s success.

Politics Club held PMQ House Competition

[SCIE web news, Jan 18th, 2019] On December 19, a special house event was held in the garden room. Unlike previous house competitions, this event organized by the politics club simulates the questioning session of the British parliament to the prime minister.

The Third Physics House Competition

[SCIE web news, Jan 18th,2019] On Wednesday, the third Physics House Competition took place in SCIE. Every Physics teacher has prepared 5 questions of a variable difficulty for this competition and those questions were incorporated into Physics Jeopardy game. Practical skills questions were unusual and demanded from students some creative thinking and confident measuring techniques, …

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