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Halloween 2019

There are always some exciting dates to be remembered in SCIE. There’s the new year concert, which represents the highest level of our artistic performance; there’s the sports day, which shows our spirit of fighting until our last breath. The halloween party follows them. Everyone has the chance to express their most splendid personalities in

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2019 SCIE Food Fair

Previous Next The campus boiled up with excitement as the annual Food Fair began in the afternoon of Oct. 29. The autumn air is crispy and cool, but the atmosphere in SCIE sizzled with heat — not only the heat emitting out from pots and pans, but also the passion radiating from everybody’s heart. Dishes

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More Than A Sports Day

Previous Next On Oct.23,2019,SCIE’s annual Sports Day was successfully held in Futian Sports Park. Shenzhen’s October is still the appearance of late summer and early autumn. The sun is shinning fiercely, just like the students’ enthusiasm. The competitors’ eyes are blazing with grittiness, which is as frim as iron. Nothing can stop them from heading

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Wood 3&4 Wuhan Form Trip-to Feel The Coziness of Autumn and Experience The Chu Culture

⌈Day 1⌋ On November 1, students from Wood 3 and Wood 4(including several students from other houses) had their trip to Wuhan.Our head teachers Margret and Arron led us to the Railway station and headed towards the destination.The sleeper trains were much more comfortable than we had imagined and we had a good rest on

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London Theater Trip

After a great deal of anticipation and hearing about numerous adventures from former AS students for almost a year, the AS Drama class and five students from the AL Drama class of 2019-20 finally stepped onto the plane from Hong Kong to London, where a week of immersion in West End theatre and performance workshops

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