What is Education? Why Education?


What is Education? Why Education? How is being taught different from learning?

Ever since I have taken part in Education Gifted&Talented by Mr.Driscoll, numerous questions as such wondered in my head, pondering again and again, seeking for answers. Even until now I still can not provide a definitive answer for any of the questions, but I wish to share my experiences in the Education GT class as a reference for those who share a similar interests and wish to explore in Education.

I wasn’t born as an ambitious person. I don’t share a strong sense of natural responsibility, or the commitment to take them. Never have I thought about honing my will for a cause or sacrificing oneself for a greater purposes.

But I do have enthusiasm for a faith, a faith known as Education. Where did that enthusiasm comes from, I have no answer to that. Maybe from early socialization in family? Or is it under influence of prior education? Maybe that’s not important. The important thing is how did my enthusiasm become something that I want to pursue for my life.

In my A1 year, the school provided G&T lesson for students who wish to apply for Oxbridge. With the thinking that it could do no harm trying, I entered the examinations for G&T students along with.

I felt more or less a little delighted after knowing that I was selected into Education G&T lesson. Back then I thought it was pure luck, but later I was acknowledged that it was Mr.Driscoll, who was in charge of Education G&T decided to set up a new G&T lesson targeted at Education, just because it was worthy to give those who are interested in education studies an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Back to the topic of the subject, education studies is a multidisciplinary course, which requires not only understanding towards education itself, but also requires knowledge about culture, society, policy, psychology, history and many other social sciences and humanity subjects. As the academic deputy principal and a sociology teacher with years of experiences in teaching, Mr.Driscoll is a perfect fit.

In Education G&T lessons, Mr.Driscoll had arranged us with a variety of activities. From discussions to debates, from lectures to presentations, whether it is sociology of education, educational policy, or psychology of education and language development, Mr.Driscoll encouraged us to participate into our study through different ways. The most impressing lesson I remembered is about book sharing. 

Mr.Driscoll had asked us to read a book about education after school and discuss its content and our opinions about it on lessons. Although book sharing itself is not rare, being able to share our own discoveries from books and discuss upon a topic and exchange our views makes me really enjoy the G&T lessons.

Through the lessons and conversations, my feelings for Education Studies became clearer, and my own plans for future becomes more visible. Every new point of view, every new topic stimulate my passions and reassured my pursue for education studies.

In the past, I didn’t have a strong sense of ambition, never had the commitment to take responsibility of the world. Although right now I can’t promise that I have the commitment, but I am aware that what I really want to do is to make my own contribution to the cause of education.

At the end of my application, I didn’t end with a satisfactory period like many others who had a happy ending with their tales of application. But with what I have been through during these months, especially in Education G&T lessons, the things that I have learned, classmates with a similar goal, as well as seniors who starts ahead of me, friends and teachers, everyone that I have encountered makes me find accompanies in the journey of academics, self-discoveries and self-actualization. 

Maybe life is longer as a journey than expected, but these encounters make it less lonely. They gave me the courage to continue my own story, and make this imperfect period the beginning of next chapter.