[SCIE web news, April 21th, 2017] I am Linda. I am an A 1 student. Recently, I watched the video’ The life in the universe” on my physics class. J was shocked by the mysterious origin of the universe and its end, what’s more, the life in the universe is so mysterious.So I wrote this article to share with everyone.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 20th, 2017]On April 14th, our form teacher Alpha organized the form class trip for Water1. The primary aim of this form class trip is to improve the friendship between classmates and to enrich our weekend times. The place of this dinner party is a chaffy dish in Shuiwei.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 18th, 2017]SCIE has an active MUN club, where students learn about global issues, as they prepare for MUN conferences, represent countries other than their own, and present possible solutions to global problems in different committees. MUN conferences are always exciting experiences for students. We learn by meeting students from other countries and travel to places. This year a group of 9 students with two teachers (Mr. Julian and Ms. Sophie) attended THAIMUN IV at Bangkok from 1st April to 3rd April.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 14th, 2017]With the thin fog of this cool morning, G2 students were setting of to the Huizhou Pumped Storage Power Station which is about two hours’ ride from Shenzhen. After the jolt of this long journey, we finally arrived there at about 10:30 a.m. As we got off the bus, our attention was totally attracted by the beautiful view of the large dams. Along with the breezing wind, the stone bridge over the lakes looks faint and mysterious which seems like waiting for you to go and explore the unknown worlds behind it.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 10th, 2017] In April 8,2017,the 6th annual Careers Orientation Fair hosted by Shenzhen College of International Education started at 9 o’clock at Marco Polo Hotel. This year, nearly 300 students and their parents were invited here to learn from the experts in their industries.27 guests, some of whom are parents of our students and some of whom are the excellent graduates from our school-SCIE, all are experts from various fields, such as economies and fiance, trade, energy, internet, media, fashion design, hospitality management, biomedicine, pharmaceutics, real-estate management,law,artificial intelligence and banking .  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 10th, 2017]The University Challenge, held since 1962, is a renowned competition in the UK pitting teams of students from different Universities against each other, testing out their knowledge with difficult questions from any field imaginable.This competition has recently been ‘brought overseas’ to be held in SCIE, modified to contain questions from the fields of History, Geography, Psychology and Sociology; four students from each house participated in the event, faced with the task of putting together answers for questions largely outside of their field of knowledge.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 1st, 2017]At eight in the morning on Saturday, March 25, a time when most people were still sound asleep in the comfort of their beds, excited chatters filled the school as students, parents and teachers anticipated the walk that awaited us. Ten kilometres was a long distance to walk, but we were willing to donate not just our money but our time and energy to support this meaningful cause.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 27th, 2017] With the end of the last mixed double, the 2nd SCIE Tennis House Competition came to its end on 17th March. After 4-week’s competition, the five champions – boy single, girl single, boy double, girl double and mixed double – were all decided. Fire House and Metal House were the two big winners in this competition, and Water House and Wood House also had won some awards.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 22th, 2017]This year, over 100 students from SCIE participate in the match, though it can be called the first year that students from SCIE attended the competition, we still earned a good result. Among over sixty prize winners, our students had five of them, they are: G1Water3 David (top2.5% in AMC10) G1Water6 Tiger (top2.5% in AMC10) G1Water2 Harry (top5 % in AMC12) A1Water5 (top5 % in AMC12) A1Matal6 (top5% in AMC12)  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 20th, 2017]Everyone knows that we should save water and treat wastewater carefully, but how many of us actually know how wasted water is treated? On 14th and 15th of March 2017, almost all of the G2 students in SCIE went to the chemistry filed trip to SZWG Yantian Waste Water Treatment Plant. Grace Tony  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 20th, 2017] Es el día primero en España. Después de nuestro vuelo de 13 horas, llegamos al aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas (MAD). Aunque todos nos sentimos cansados, me di cuenta que el cielo es limpio y el aire es más refrescante que Shenzhen.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, November 13th, 2016] In order to reduce our footprint on earth, we need to make sure that we can start from the small cases around us, such as in our school and at our home.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 13th, 2017] It was a Saturday, 4th March. With the sunset going down to the west, the annual weekend activity for boarding students began.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 7th, 2017] In March, at south, the weather became warmer and warmer. With the paces of spring moving closer and closer, the breath of vitality permeated everywhere. In a growing season like this, Mr. Greenwood, our principal, shared a poem, which was a celebration of spring for us:  Details>>
[SCIE web news, November 8th, 2016] January 11, 2017 (Wednesday) at seven am on a twenty-five-degree morning, a team of students assembled in front of the marble table of SCIE. G2 business students were equipped with steaming breakfasts to fulfill their energy for the two-day journey. The G2 Business Hong Kong field trip started.  Details>>

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Principal H: I'm glad that I made the decision to send my boy to SCIE. Thanks to your help; My boy and I had better times communicating with each other.
Aug, 2010
Lily had already adapted to the life at SCIE. She said the teachers here had a good sense of humour and the atmosphere is quite positive.
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