[SCIE web news, June 8th, 2017]To make a simple perpetual motion machine, we used wooden sticks, iron wires, a knife, bottle caps, pins, cardboards and scotch tapes.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, June 8th, 2017] On Monday, after the tense exam week, G1 students were going to have an annual activity of our school -- College Fair. Although it only got three days, we were all going out of our way to start preparing for it a few weeks ago.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, June 8th, 2017] During this College Fair we attempted to do a plasma lamp.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, June 3, 2017]On Friday, SCIE Comparative Politics Club held a Hong Kong Legislative Council guided tour visit. This field trip gave club member a chance to take a glance of the Chamber that we used to see in television news and get deeper understanding towards the legislative rules and organisation structure. Coincidently it was also the election day of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive which held every five years. On our coach and at the restaurant, the news got live coverage to the election at all time. Although the election was not held in the Government Headquarter, it still putted more meaning to our visit that day.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 29, 2017]Our current staff representatives, including chairperson Karen, expat teacher reps. Vlad and Kevin, Chinese teacher rep. Daisy and adm rep. Sharon have been serving in their positions for two years. During this time they have made a great effort to improve the welfare of our teachers and have put a lot of time into organising staff trips. They have also improved the amount of communication between departments. To appreciate their efforts and time spent, the Principal, Joe, treated the entire staff council to a buffet in the Four Seasons Hotel on May 26th 2017.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 29h, 2017] I am 2016er graduate Daniel Liu. I’m now a student in Emory University. By sharing my stories in the US and some of my personal thoughts, I hope to give you an insight into what student life here is really like. This can also act as a guidance for your future college choice.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 29th, 2017] Wind picked leaves carefully, added some pieces of autumn’s dreary to SCIE’s campus. Who can notice that it is midsummer now if heat waves haven’t broken the ground until it is dry and cracked?  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 29, 2017] According to Forbes Under 30 Asia 2017, Xuzhi Chen,Daniel, the student graduated from SCIE 2011, made it to the list of Forbes Under 30 Asia. Alumnus Xuzhi Chen is a Chinese designer in London, he founded a luxury brand ‘Xu Zhi’. Xu Zhi is a London based brand with a contemporary attitude to both aesthetic and craftsmanship.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 26th, 2017] Recently the humanities department hosted it’s first ever showcase of the field trips which have taken place this year. The event was attended by students, staff and parents. The humanities department believe that is important to give students the opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, making connections, reflecting and gaining a deeper understanding of their course. The Geography trips allowed for students to carry out fieldwork, whilst the trip to Auschwitz was of great relevance to the A2 course on the holocaust. In addition, trips can inspire students to carry out further independent research or even study the subject at university. The main focus of the evening was the students who expertly presented their experiences and shared with the audience the key lessons they had learned.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 26th, 2017] G1 fieldtrip was quite amazing and impressive this year. Stuart, the Geography department’s IGCSE coordinator, switched this years location to MaLuanShan Natural Park in Shenzhen and this was the very first time that students in SCIE did the river fieldwork in this stream. Luckily, it was proved to be an ideal place for us to have a general understanding of the equipment that appears in syllabus.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 22th, 2017] On May 18th , Thursday, all of the G1 students attended our first Physics field trip of our G1 year. After 2 hours of driving we arrived at the Guangzhou college city and also where the Science Center was situated.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 17th, 2017] Language is playing a tremendously pivotal role in our lives, of which the immense advances benefit most aspects of lives and are the intangible drive accelerating the pace to conduct efficacious exploration in human certain fields and simultaneously prompt the evolution of civilization.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 17th, 2017] At the beginning of G1, I was shy and afraid to talk in English. But after a few weeks of studying, i found that people here were so nice and they won’t laugh at you if you made any mistakes or repeating your own words. Instead, they encourage you to speak more and to have fun.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, May 10th, 2017]Congratulations to Renee, Ji Wendi, from A1 on receiving a top prize in the American Psychological Association (APA) Committee of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools(TOPSS) essay competition. Renee’s essay, The Multidimensional Aging: Subtracting the Unnecessary Expectations impressed the judges.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, April 28th, 2017] On 20th April, 2017, a Chinese sociologist Xueshi Li (Emma), who now works for the Social Science and Management Division in Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School, gave a talk about her dissertation research conducted in Beijing and answered questions from SCIE students regarding research methods and humanities majors in American universities. Our sociology teacher, Richard Driscoll, organised this event and invited A-level sociology and history students, G1 Enrichment class and humanities teachers to attend.  Details>>

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