[SCIE web news, March 22th, 2017]This year, over 100 students from SCIE participate in the match, though it can be called the first year that students from SCIE attended the competition, we still earned a good result. Among over sixty prize winners, our students had five of them, they are: G1Water3 David (top2.5% in AMC10) G1Water6 Tiger (top2.5% in AMC10) G1Water2 Harry (top5 % in AMC12) A1Water5 (top5 % in AMC12) A1Matal6 (top5% in AMC12)  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 20th, 2017]Everyone knows that we should save water and treat wastewater carefully, but how many of us actually know how wasted water is treated? On 14th and 15th of March 2017, almost all of the G2 students in SCIE went to the chemistry filed trip to SZWG Yantian Waste Water Treatment Plant. Grace Tony  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 20th, 2017] Es el día primero en España. Después de nuestro vuelo de 13 horas, llegamos al aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas (MAD). Aunque todos nos sentimos cansados, me di cuenta que el cielo es limpio y el aire es más refrescante que Shenzhen.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, November 13th, 2016] In order to reduce our footprint on earth, we need to make sure that we can start from the small cases around us, such as in our school and at our home.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 7th, 2017] In March, at south, the weather became warmer and warmer. With the paces of spring moving closer and closer, the breath of vitality permeated everywhere. In a growing season like this, Mr. Greenwood, our principal, shared a poem, which was a celebration of spring for us:  Details>>
[SCIE web news, November 8th, 2016] January 11, 2017 (Wednesday) at seven am on a twenty-five-degree morning, a team of students assembled in front of the marble table of SCIE. G2 business students were equipped with steaming breakfasts to fulfill their energy for the two-day journey. The G2 Business Hong Kong field trip started.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 6th, 2017] Last Thursday, on the second of March, the Charity Group of the SCIE Prefects successfully held the second annual Raise and Give Day in the school. Considering both donations as well as money made from the event, we raised over 20,000RMB for the Promised Land.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 7th, 2017]Top 11 Male and Top 11 Female G1 Computer Science students formed mixed gender teams of two to demonstrate the fusion of Computer Science across the SCIE Curriculum. Students used their creative skills and the highest level of critical thinking, social, ICT, language, international-mindedness and research skills to fuse the concepts of computing as a general link to the whole curriculum rather than a standalone subject.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 6th, 2017] On March 04/05.2017 SCIE was assigned to be the CIE (Cambridge International Examination) training center in Shenzhen. This training event lasted for 2 days and the A-level subjects associated were Economics (9708), English Language (9093), Physics (9702), Business (9609) and Mathematics (9709) which are led by the trainers Colin Harber-Stuart,Julian Pattinson, Sarah Evans, Alan Hoddy和Lionel Elliott respectively. The number of delegates who had registered for this workshop were 95 in total.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 6th, 2017] On March 1, pm, during PHSE, there was a class meeting with the theme of Ecological footprint, which is about "citizen consciousness and environmental protection". The whole class are required to discuss and give presentation in English. We also invited to six parents participating the meeting.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, March 1th, 2017] Topic: Cybersecurity—How to effectively prevent cyber warfare between states? A new topic for a new year! The first topic in this semester has been designed for discussing and trying to solve the complex problems that exist in our cyber world. During activity weeks, the group members gather together to learn recent events of cyber wars, to debate for multiple problems and possible solution, and to analyze special case studies to reinforce their understandings about the standpoints of the countries they represented on these cases.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, February 25th, 2017]SCIE drama club brought a big show- to all the students and teachers in Tuesday evening. Although performers may not be professional, all of the them tried their best to demonstrate their characters. All of the performers hoped to give a best SCIE version of .  Details>>
[SCIE web news, February 24th, 2017] On 23rd, February 2017, the school Prefect Body organised an Oxbridge Lecture in the Auditorium in the school. The lecture has benefitted not only A1 Oxbridge applicants, but also G-level students who are interested in the two universities.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, February 24th, 2017] Last Sunday, several members of our ZhaoHui Club went to Shenzhen Welfare Centre, and we wanted to do what we can to help both the old and children. We gathered and donated 400 pieces of toothbrushes, toothpaste and 220 pieces of towels for them. It’s not sufficient, but it shows our sincerity and love.  Details>>
[SCIE web news, February 23rd, 2017]On November the fourth, led by Mr Ashmore and Alice, the A1 geographers set out on a trip to Guilin. All have been fantastic during the Guilin trip. The transportation, accommodation, sightings, learning and whatever. On arriving at Guilin the second day, we made our way to the grand, renown River Lee, where the boat journey had undoubtedly engraved its mark on us. It was a cool sunny day, and the views were breath-taking.  Details>>

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